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Abschlussarbeiten am Fachbereich CG

Der Fachbereich freut sich über Interessenten und hat jederzeit eine Vielzahl an spannenden Forschungsfragen anzubieten, die mit den Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeitern oder Prof. Dr. Alexa besprochen werden können.

Allerdings haben wir uns zur Qualitätssicherung der Betreuung angesichts der vielen Abschlussarbeiten in CG und damit letztendlich zum Schutz der Kandidaten vor Misserfolgen folgende Voraussetzungen für die Kandidaten auferlegt:

  1. Mindestens mit gut abgeschlossene Teilnahme an CG1 oder einer vom Fachgebietsleiter CG als gleichwertig anerkannten Lehrveranstaltung der TU bzw. einer anderen Hochschule.
  2. Mindestens mit gut abgeschlossene Teilnahme an einer weiterführenden Lehrveranstaltung des Fachgebiets CG. Diese Lehrveranstaltung kann nicht durch Lehrveranstaltungen anderer Fachgebiete an der TU oder anderer Hochschulen ersetzt werden.
Date Name Title Thesis type
voraussichtlich 13.11.2023 Stroschke, Fabian Efficiently Computing External Points in Cylindral Coordinates Bachelor
voraussichtlich 05.12.2023 Wujecki, Daniel Differentiable Acoustic Path-Tracing for The Optimization of Room Geometry Master
voraussichtlich 24.10.2023 Dogadov, Gabriel Computing with flats using squared distance fields Master
voraussichtlich 28.09.2023 Pahlitzsch, Manuel Incremental stability analysis for building LEGO Master
voraussichtlich 17.07.2023 Seidelmann, Thorsten Conforming Weightech Delaunay Triangulations from Sums of Wedge Functions Master
04.08.2023 Lorenz, Anton Generation of Volumetric Polycubes from Room Geometry for the Analysis of Reverberation Times Bachelor
03.07.2023 Steffen, Alexander Reconstructing Curves Using The Difference of Max-Affine Functions Bachelor
30.06.2023 Algaç, Ufuk Learning Control Points of Kappa Curves with Deep Neural Nets Bachelor
25.05.2023 Bonzcek, Lars Visualizing Non-Euclidean 3D Polyhedral Spaces Using Portals Bachelor
21.04.2023 Gerhardt, Jakob Exploration of a Backtracking Algorithm on A Tiled Many-Core Processor: Using The Graphcore IPU to Accelerate A Graph Coloring Problem Bachelor
12.04.2023 Reinke, Felix Phong Tessellation in Higher Dimension Master
11.04.2023 Robles Cervantes, Pablo Fixing A Planar Realization of A Triangulation Using Schnyder Labeling Bachelor
17.03.2023 Eikermann, Nathan Adaptive Geometric Constraint Solving Regularizing the Newton Method for Under-Constrained Problems Bachelor
Date Name Title Thesis type
22.12.2022 Djuren, Tobias Learning Parametric Patches that Interpolate Control Points Master
17.07.2022 Ramirez Flores, Danel Alejandro Evaluation of Assembly Automation Suitability from 3D CAD Parametric Surface Data Using Explainable Artificial  Intelligence Methods Master
21.06.22 Karaliogu, Kenan Intersections of Spheres as bouding Volumes Master
03.07.2022 Aleksiev, Viktor Learning Weights for Tetrahedral Tutte Embeddings Bachelor
12.05.2022 Haselon, Frederic Intersection of Random Bounding Spheres as a Point Cloud Descriptor Bachelor
12.05.2022 Doàn, Minh Khoa Continuation-based Reconstruction of 2-Surfaces from Point Samples in 4D Bachelor
Date Name Title Thesis type
01.11.2021 Zhang, Yujie Adaptive Octree Convolutional Neural Networks with
Multi-Level Partition of Unity Implicits
12.12.2021 Curanz, Leon Detecting and Handling Self-Intersections in Triangle Meshes with Tolerance Bachelor
15.12.2021 Schwartz, Matthias As-rigid-as-possible Shape Modeling based on the Intrinsic Delaunay Triangulation Bachelor
07.12.2021 Bahr, Simon Blending Splines over Triangle Meshes Bachelor
07.12.2021 Salama, Tarik Implementierung des intrinsischen Delaunay Refinement Verfahrens mit der Wegweiser-Datenstruktur Bachelor
09.09.2021 Hahn, Paul Learning the mapping from ear images to ear geometry based on a deformable model Bachelor
19.08.2021 Eyer, Leonard Extending Differentiable Rendering towards Propagation of Sound Bachelor
18.08.2021 Mufti, Muhammad Optimization of The Data Transfer Process from CAD System to VR-Application Master
04.03.2021 Tran, Le Quoc Anh Interactive Texture Synthesis with Wave Function Collapse Bachelor
22.09.2021 Fedorov, Vasilii Frame Selection for Hyperlapse Video Generation Guided by Face Detection Bachelor
22.03.2021 Bigalke, Matthias Machine Learning for Fitting NURBS to Point-Sampled CAD Models Master
21.06.2021 Karge, Francis Evaluation of AABB-Tree algorithms  regarding tree structure and traversal speed Bachelor
26.02.2021 Palm, Timon Evaluation of Mesh Grading Strategies for HRTF Simulation Bachelor
22.03.2021 Mahoro, Dan Freeman Topological Analysis for Virtual Cinematography Master
29.03.2021 Pipo, Aiko Application of Geometric Deep Learning for Point Cloud Restoration Master
03.03.2021 Eichelbaum, Jeremius Lion Adaptive O-CNN with Higher Order Local Surface Representation Master
02.02.2021 David, Falk Offsetting and Filling Strokes in Blender’s Grease Pencil Bachelor
11.01.2021 Leuschner, Wladimir Paralell Spectral Fluids Master
11.01.2021 El Tannir, Malek Qualitative Assessment of Computer Assisted Perspective Sketching Bachelor
Date Name Title Thesis type
31.12.2020 Max Victor Schlütz Perception of Unrealistic Shading in VR Headsets vs. On Screen Bachelor
14.10.2020 Kohlbrenner, Maximilian Discrete
Laplacians for Weighted Delaunay Tetrahedralizations
14.10.2020 Fleckenstein, Tim Generating a 3D Morphable Model of Pinnae Bachelor
14.10.2020 Seidelmann, Thorsten Classifying The Type of Parametric Surfac in A Point Using Neutral Networks Bachelor
28.08.2020 Weißbarth, Oliver Realistic Rendering of Head Regions for Learning Head-Related Transfer Functions Master
20.07.2020 Desch, André Progressive Minimal Tree Encoding of 3D Objects Bachelor
20.07.2020 Trifonova, Tatiana Depth Encoding While Looking-at-Nothing in Head Mounted Stereo Displays Bachelor
13.04.2020 Wanner, Max Photo Scale: Measuring Weight Based on The Deformation of Real-World Objects Bachelor
18.03.2020 Newe, Tobias Triangulating Parametric Patches Inspired by Delaunay Retinement Bachelor
18.03.2020 Zhou, Hongyou Adaptive Rendering Based on Measured Saliency Data Bachelor
16.03.2020 Stullich, Tim Extending Diffeferentiable Rendering towards Participating Media Master
09.01.2020 Funk, Mike 3D Reconstruction of Hand-Held Objects Using Structure from Motion and Gaze Data Master
Date Name Title Thesis type
13.12.2019 Wepner, Richard Semi-Automatic Generation of Game Tile Maps by Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems Bachelor
27.11.2019 Schorling, Lea Audio-Driven Dance Step Generation Master
04.11.2019 Zhang, Shengjia Video-Based Analysis of Eye Movement behind Closed Eyelid Bachelor
16.10.2019 Huwald, Johannes Synthesis and Classification of Emerging Images Bachelor
16.10.2019 Wujecki, Daniel Bildbasierte Klassifikation von 3D-gedruckten Objekten Bachelor
11.09.2019 Reifenberg, Dan Learning Sharp Features in CAD Data Master
29.08.2019 Wei, Pengchao Learning to Predict Where People Look at 3D Printed Object Using Human Fixations Bachelor
05.07.2019 Jacobs, Jochen Dynamic Control of Interocular Distance and Vergence Angle in Rendering for Head-Mounted Stereo Displays Bachelor
27.06.2019 Czwink, Amir Maruan Intrinsic Voronoi Diagrams from Discrete Exponential Maps Master
04.03.2019 Alves Francisco, Mariana Camera-based Extraction of Driver-Related Physiological Parameters in Driving Conditions Bachelor
18.02.2019 Lucke, Jacques Lapacian-based Geometry Processus for Blender Bachelor
Date Name Title Thesis type
2018 Brandt, Fabian Computational Exploration of Kirchhoff-Plateau Surfaces with Disconnected Rods Master
20.12.2018 Tetzlaff, Lukas Augmentation of Real-World Images Using Synthetic 3D Objects to Improve Classifier Performance Master
08.06.2018 Finnendahl, Ugo Paavo Temporal Smoothness and Ghosting in Hyperlapse Videos Master
14.03.2018 Bernard, Tobias Design and Evaluation of Spatial Interfaces in Virtual Reality Master
15.01.2018 Pietschmann, Stephan Physically-Based Rendering of Cloud Simulation Data –
Application of Discrete Ordinates Methods to Simulate Multiple Light Scattering in Water Clouds
Date Name Title Thesis type
22.12.2017 Meckel, Friedrich Optimizing the Building Process for Brick-Based Construction Sets Master
30.11.2017 Hahn, Leonardo Hiding Objects by Creating Camouflage Surroundings Bachelor
11.09.2017 Grabenstein, Christoph Performance of Sparse Matrix Data Structures for Polygon Mesh Representation Bachelor
13.03.2017 Engelhard, Patrick 3D Modelling Using Sparse Sensor Data Master
Date Name Title Thesis type
03.10.2016 Açıkel, Aylin Çağrı Erweiterung des Markov Pen um globale Analyse Bachelor
16.08.2016 Zawallich, Lars Interactive Simplification and Unfolding of Discrete Surfaces Master
21.06.2016 Gerber, Isaak Interactive Modeling of 3D Objects from Photographs Diploma
21.05.2016 Haase, Felix Intrinsic Voronoi Diagrams from Diffusion Master
Date Name Title Thesis type
26.10.2015 Lelidis, Alexander Structure – Aware Surface Reconstruction with Sparse Moving Least Squares Bachelor
17.05.2015 Diehl Braz, Arthur Implementierung von Lichtausbreitung in Medien mit nicht-homogenen Brechungsindex in PBRT Bachelor
Date Name Title Thesis type
19.01.2014 Tiesler, Sebastian Design of Fused Deposition Modeling Print Heads for CNC Milling Machines Master
11.01.2014 Winkelmann, Michael  Slicing for Fused Deposition Modeling Master
Date Name Title Thesis type
2012 Koch, Sebastian Optimization of Window Blind Structures for controlled Reflection of Sunlight Master
12.03.2012 Thurow, Christian Real-time Image Dehazing  
Date Name Title Thesis type
01.02.2011 Bach, Sebastian Keyword-Based Image Browsing of Large Image Databases Diploma
Date Name Title Thesis type
12.11.2010 Richter, Roland Browsing large image databases Diploma
12.11.2010 Perkunder, Helen  Shape Modeling with Sketched Feature Lines in Immersive 3D Environments Diploma
12.11.2010 Dippl, Stefan  Markerless Identification of Interactive Devices on Multi Touch Surfaces  Diploma
11.02.2010 Klindt, Marco  Automatic page frame registration of digitized text images using connected components Diploma
28.01.2010 Lindow, Norbert   Dynamic Molecular Surfaces  Diploma
29.01.2010 Mircea Gigea, Raul  Augmentation of Real-Time Registered Surfaces using a Projector-3D Camera System Diploma
29.01.2010 Müllenhaupt, Martin  Evaluating time-of-flight sensors using an industrial robot  Diploma
Date Name Title Thesis type
26.11.2009 Breitmeyer, Björn Object recognition in a multitouch environment by combining Diffuse Illumination and Frustrated Total Internal Reflection Diploma
26.11.2009 Holzammer, Andreas Combining Diffuse Illumination and Frustrated Total Internal Reflection for touch detection  Diploma
30.04.2009 Lang, Katrin Integration of Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques for 3D Models in Processing Diploma
24.02.2009 Zander, Carsten Gradient Domain Video Editing Diploma
16.01.2009 Elstner, Stefan Combining Pen and Multi-Touch Displays for Focus+Context Interaction Diploma
09.01.2009 Bermann, Kristian User Interfaces based on a hand-held projection screen  Diploma
Date Name Title Thesis type
08.09.2008 Langner, Oliver  Correspondence Analysis using Voronoi Poles Diploma
Date Name Title Thesis type
08.12.2007 Mischler, Antoine  3D Reconstruction from Depth and Stereo Images for Augmented Reality Applications Diploma
08.12.2007 Zimmermann, Johannes  MeshSketch: Automated, Sketch-based Editing of Triangular Meshes Diploma