Prof. Dr. Marc Alexa

Sekr MAR 6-6
Fakultät Elektrotechnik & Informatik
Technische Universität Berlin

Marchstraße 23
10587 Berlin

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Consultation hours: Tuesdays, 09am – 10am

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We do not offer internships.

Please direct enquiries about other positions to my administrative assistant. I will not reply to any messages in this regard.

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Curriculum Vitae


PhD (2002), Technische Universität Darmstadt, Advisor Prof. Encarnacao, Co-Advisor Prof. Gross (ETH Zurich), Topic Shape Spaces from Morphing
MSc (1997), Technische Universität Darmstadt, Advisor Prof. Encarnacao


ERC Advanced Grant (2022)
Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contributions Award (2014)
Engineering Science Prize of the Berlin-Brandenburgische Academy of Sciences (2012)
ERC Starting Grant (2011)
Heinz Meier-Leibnitz Award (2003)

Professional Service

ACM Transactions on Graphics Editor-in-Chief (2018-2021)

SIGGRAPH 2013 Technical Papers Chair

Editorial Boards (past & present): Graphical Models (Elsevier), Computer Graphics Forum (Blackwell), Computer Aided Geometric Design (Elsevier), Foundation & Trends in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision

Program Committee Chair: Eurographics Symposium on Sketch-Based Modeling and Interfaces 2010, Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2009, Pacific Graphics 2007, SIGGRAPH Sketches & Posters 2007, Eurographics 2005, Eurographics Symposium on Point-based Graphics 2004

Program Committee Memberships: SIGGRAPH, IEEE Vis, Eurographics, Pacific Graphics, EG/ACM Symposium on Computer Animation, EG Symposium on Geometry Processing, Shape Modeling International, EG/IEEE Symposium on Point-based Graphics, EG Symposium on Sketch-based Interfaces and Modeling, 3D Data Processing – Visualization and Transmission, ACM VRML / Web3D, WSCG

Organizations: Eurographics (exec ctte 03-06), GI (02-)

Invited Talks (Selection)

Key Note, ICIG, Beijing, China, 2019
Key Note, Advances in Architectural Geometry, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018
Invited Talk, 6th Annual Henry Taub International TCE Conference, Haifa, Israel, 2016
Invited Talk, College de France, Paris, France, 2015
Key Note, Symposium 100 years Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany, 2014
Invited Talk, FMX, Stuttgart, Germany, 2014
Key Note, Computer Graphics International (CGI), Hannover, Germany, 2013
Key Talk, Design Modeling Symposium, Berlin, Germany, 2011
Key Note, SIBGRAPI, Gramado, Brazil, 2010
Key Note, Afrigraph, Franschoek, South Africa, 2010
Key Note, Pacific Graphics, Tokyo, Japan, 2008
Key Note, WSCG, Plzen, Czech Republic, 2007
Key Note, EG Symposium on Sketch-based Interfaces and Modeling, Vienna, 2006
Key Note, EG/ACM Symposium on Geometry Processing, Vienna, 2005