Research Colloquium (WS 12/13)

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CG Colloquium

Talks about recent Computer Graphics research results held by graduate/PhD students or guest researchers. If you are interested in any of the talks, feel free to drop by. Talks take place Fridays, 4pm in room EN 719 (EN building), unless stated otherwise.

Date Topic Speaker
21-Sep-2012 Fast User-Guided Mesh Simplification with Topology Control (final diploma report) Lukas N.P. Egger
13-Jul-2012 Comic-style rendering of motion in interactive animations Dennis Loeben
06-Jul-2012 Modeling 3D Shapes with Diffusion Curve Images (final diploma report) Peter Müller
22-Jun-2012 An interface for advanced cartoon shading (Bachelor thesis final report) Michael Thomas
08-Jun-2012 Simulating x-ray images from
deformable shape
and intensity models on the GPU (Master thesis final report)
Moritz Ehlke
27-Apr-2012 Plane Selection Strategies for Shape Abstraction (progress report) Bengt Rosenberger
27-Apr-2012 From Linear Filtering to Artistic Image Stylization Jan Eric Kyprianidis
24-Feb-2012 Gefilterte Rückprojektion auf heterogenen Systemen (progress report) Steffen Melnik
27-Jan-2012 Texture compression (Bachelor thesis final report) Andreas Ley
16-Dec-2011 Diffusion Modelling (progress report) Peter Müller
04-Nov-2011 VESCAPE, a video game console for Fitness centres Jérôme Feys
14-Oct-2011 Disney Research Zürich and the Rendering Team Derek Nowrouzezahrai
15-Jul-2011 Introduction to geometric mechanics IV) — tangent bundle, tensors and differential forms Christian Lessig
01-Jul-2011 Introduction to geometric mechanics III) — mathematical foundations Christian Lessig
10-June-2011 Introduction to geometric mechanics II) — building your own structure preserving integrator at home Christian Lessig
27-May-2011 Introduction to geometric mechanics I) — how geometry gets into mechanics Christian Lessig
11-Feb-2011 Image and Video Abstraction by Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering Jan Eric Kyprianidis
03-Dec-2010 Extracting sketches from images Daniel Pirch
26-Nov-2010 Modeling and reconstruction of deformable materials Bernd Bickel
12-Nov-2010 Simulation von Farbenblindheit auf einem Head-Mounted-Display

Bericht von der ITS 2010 (Saarbrücken)
Fei Hui

Uwe Hahne
05-Nov-2010 Non-photorealistic Rendering Katrin Lang
08-Okt-2010 Keyword-Based Image Browsing of Large Image Databases Sebastian Bach
17-Sep-2010 An Introduction to Sparse Coding Sebastian Szczepanski
25-Jun-2010 On the Effective Dimension of Light Transport Christian Lessig
18-Jun-2010 Oberflächenkorrektur aus nicht-parallelen Konturdaten Jan Nietfeld
04-Jun-2010 a) Markerless Identification of Interactive Devices on Multi Touch Surfaces
b) Image Browsing for Mobile Devices
a) Stefan Dippl
b) Amir Matallaoui
26-Mar-2010 Browsing in Large Image Databases (final diploma report) Ronald Richter
09-Mar-2010 Shape Modeling with Sketched Feature Lines in Immersive 3D Environments (final diploma report) Helen Perkunder
Ort: Labor für Virtuelle Realität
Fraunhofer IPK
Pascalstraße 8-9
20-Nov-2009 Multitouch diploma theses (final talks) Björn Bollensdorff, Björn Breitmeyer, Andreas Holzammer
16-Oct-2009 Shape Modeling with Sketched Feature Lines in Immersive 3D Environments (progress report) Helen Perkunder
Ort: Labor für Virtuelle Realität
Fraunhofer IPK
Pascalstraße 8-9
25-Sep-2009 Dynamic Molecular Surfaces Norbert Lindow
11-Sep-2009 Efficient and Accurate Rotation of Spherical Harmonics Representations using Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces Christian Lessig
26-Jun-2009 EuroVis 2009 Conference Summary Kristian Hildebrand
19-Jun-2009 Combining Diffuse Illumination and Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (progress report) Björn Breitmeyer, Andreas Holzammer
12-Jun-2009 Integration of Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques for 3D Models in Processing (final diploma report) Katrin Lang
5-Jun-2009 Gradient Domain Video Compositing (final diploma report) Carsten Zander
29-May-2009 Evaluating time-of-flight sensors using an industrial robot Martin Müllenhaupt
15-May-2009 Survey: Browsing image databases Ronald Richter
8-May-2009 Multi-touch vs. Depth Imaging (progress report) Uwe Hahne
6-Mar-2009 MultiTouch Navigation and Manipulation of 3D objects (progress report) Björn Bollensdorff
23-Jan-2009 Gradient Domain Video Compositing (progress report) Carsten Zander
16-Jan-2009 Combining Pen and Multi-Touch Displays for Focus+Context Interaction (final diploma report) Stefan Elstner
9-Jan-2009 User Interfaces based on a hand-held projection screen (final diploma report) Kristian Bergmann
12-Dec-2008 Tiefe und Farbe im Film Bernhard Keller
5-Dec-2008 Enhancing the MultiTouch display Björn Breitmeyer, Björn Bollensdorff, Andreas Holzammer
28-Nov-2008 Object detection with OpenCV Kristian Hildebrand
14-Nov-2008 Image Abstraction by Structure Adaptive Filtering Jan Eric Kyprianidis
7-Nov-2008 Combining Pen and Multi-Touch Displays for Focus+Context Interaction (progress report) Stefan Elstner
31-Oct-2008 Summary of about one year at TU Berlin Tamy Boubekeur
24-Oct-2008 PhotoSketching (progress report) Mathias Eitz
17-Oct-2008 Adaptive Verfahren zur Visualisierung von Freiformflächen im Schiffbau Erik Bergmann