CG Seminar

Modul-Nr.: 62450 – VVZ-Nr.: 0433 L 370

Topic: Digital Geometry Processing


  • Prof. Dr. Marc Alexa


  • Fridays 10:00am – 12:00am
  • Start: 17 Oct. 2014 – End: 13 Feb. 2015
  • Room: E-N 727 on 17 Oct. 2017
  • Room: E-N 711(regular)

Course Structure

  • Seminar – 2 SWS


  • Course structure: Seminar – 2 SWS
  • Details: The course gives a brief overview of the basic ideas and several recent developments in this field. Students will work in small teams on a chosen topic and present the basics of their topic in an intermediate talk. Finally, each team will implement a recent research paper and present their topic, application and results in a concluding talk. Both efficiency of the underlying algorithms as well as robustnessare important aspects in this course. Grading will be based on all aspects of performance.


  • Interest in computer graphics and geometry (ideally you attended CGI + CGII). Basic linear algebra background and solid programming skills are a plus.


  • Please register for the course in ISIS 2.


Sekr. EN 7-1