CG Research Colloquium

VVZ-Nr.: 0433 L 380
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Marc Alexa
Contact: Ronald Richter
Course Structure: Colloquium – 2 SWS
Description: Talks about recent Computer Graphics research results held by graduate/PhD students or guest researchers.
Date: If you are interested in any of the talks, feel free to drop by. Talks take place:Fridays, 4pm in room EN 719 (EN building),unless stated otherwise.

Start: 18 Oct. 2013 – End: 14 Feb. 2014

 Registration: Mailing listIf you would like to be notified of talks given at the CG group, please subscribe to our “cg-talk” mailing list. To subscribe send an e-mail to cgtalk-request [at] with “subscribe” as subject or register using the web interface at case of problems please contact Ronald Richter.