Digital Manufacturing (ready/made)

Contact Kristian Hildebrand,  Jens Wunderling
Course structure: Projekt – 6 SWS
Room: E-N 711 / UDK GRU112
Date: Monday 10am  –  4pm
Start: 15 Apr 2013
Description: Rapid Prototyping Methods become more and more important in manufacturing products or product parts. Mass produced objects of high material variety and quality but with no individualised features coexist with highly customizable parts and objects limited by choice of material, size and surface quality. During the course students will develop symbiotic relationships and computational models between a mass-produced and a customized object to create new ready/made hybrids that benefit from the best of both worlds using 3D printers, laser cutters and milling machines.
Requirements: Interest in visual arts and graphics, programming skills, DIY and making things.
Details: The course will be in cooperation with Berlin University of Arts (UdK). We gives a brief overview of the basic ideas and several recent developments in this field. Students will work in small teams on a chosen topic and present the basics of their topic in an intermediate talk. Finally, each team will implement a recent research papers and present their topic, application and results in a concluding talk. Both efficiency of the underlying algorithms as well as visual quality of the resulting imagery are important aspects in this course. Grading will be based on all aspects of performance.
Registration: Please register for the course until 8th Apr by sending an eMail mentioning the course title, your name and student id to Kristian Hildebrand.


ready-made_2013 (Introduction Slides)

Sample projects from previous courses