List of projects in our group.


We investigate triangulations in 3D, including weighted Delaunay triangulations and triangulations minimizing the Dirichlet energy of piecewise linear functions (“Harmonic Triangulations”). These types of triangulations are related to discrete Laplace operators.

Appearance of Real World Objects

We investigate approaches to alter the perceived appearance of physical objects by controlling their surrounding space and physical interfaces that change their appearance through controlled transparency. We also look at shape changing interfaces.

Visual Saliency on 3D Objects

We investigate human viewing behavior on physical realizations of 3D objects. Using an eye tracker with scene camera and fiducial markers we are able to gather fixations on the surface of the presented stimuli.

Direct Digital Manufacturing

We are interested in algorithms that facilitate direct digital manufacturing such as CNC milling or 3D printing.

Sketch-Based Modeling and Retrieval

We developed a variety of systems for modeling and shape/image retrieval using sketching as input.